The Belgian Platform for Photobooks is an online space dedicated to the contemporary photobook in Belgium. Through articles, interviews, an online book catalogue and offline events, it aims to inform, but also to engage and inspire a growing photobook community.

Embedded within the artistic research program of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the platform offers a source of information for students, photographers, artists, designers and anyone with an interest in photobooks.

Functioning as a catalyst, the platform wants to stimulate and support not only the creation of photobooks in Belgium, but also the reflection, the discussion and the research on the book as an artistic medium to present a photographic body of work.

As an online platform it serves as a networking and communication tool to connect Belgian photobook culture with an international photobook community and audience.

The Belgian Platform for Photobooks is coordinated by Stefan Vanthuyne as part of a research project at the
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp / AP University College and with the support of the research groups
Thinking Tools and ArchiVolt.